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Approval and Consent to Electronic Notice Delivery and Voting

Please fill and mail your Approval and Consent form for electronic notice delivery and voting to:

Ellicott Mills Homeowners Association

P.O. Box 21125

Catonsville, 21228

Alternatively, you may scan and send to secretary@ellicottmills.org

The purpose of the consent to electronic notice delivery and voting is to get your current email address on our file. Our attorney has advised that the Maryland State allows, and many HOAs have chosen, to send HOA documents through email. Benefits include saving on mailing expense/efforts and protecting the environment. A full text of the board resolution for this purpose can be found here.

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Turn Signal

The county has denied our request to install a northbound left turn signal at Crosby Rd and Rolling Rd, but we will continue to petition the county until we can get some resolve. We ask that the community contact Mr. Nebre, who denied the left turn signal, via email, letter, or  phone call. Please express to Mr. Nebre your concerns and issues making a left turn into our community at the Crosby Rd and Rolling Rd intersection.
Mr. Kristoffer L. Nebre, Engineer III
Baltimore County, Department of Public Works
Traffic Engineering & Transportation Planning
County Office Building
111 W. Chesapeake Ave, Room 326
Towson MD 21204


Board of Directors Meeting
Oct 06, 7:00 PM

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