How to use this site

1. Create a profile

You'll need a profile to view other homeowner's profiles, participate in the discussion forums and recieve community related emails (such as the newsletter quarterly).

Click on your address from the list here then click "click here now" inside the "Join Now!" box. You will be led through a short set of set-up questions. If you're short on time you can leave most things blank and fill them out later, when you have more time.

You'll notice when you sign up that your address is located in the first name and last name slots. Please leave them there and add your last name to the "Married Name" slot (even if you're not married!). Sorry this is confusing! It is because this site was originally created for Class Reunions, but we'd like to see the addresses instead of the names in the list of homeowners.

2. Participate in the Discussion Forums

The discussion forums are a place for homeowners to share information about the community -- provide recommendations for home improvement contractors, post information about yard sales (etc.)

3. Use the useful links and view the latest red book.

4. Use the calendar for the trash collection schedule, HOA meetings and Woodbridge Valley pool events.

5. Please keep your information up-to-date! When you change email addresses, please remember to update your profile.


The Ellicott Mills
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Cori Grieb